What Others Say

Here are a few words from parents, industry colleagues and the students themselves about the work I’ve done with them over the years:

jessica 2

Neil Blewett, TV Company Director & father of Sophie Blewett

“Katie was recommended to me by industry professionals and I’m now doing the same to you.  My daughter had private drama lessons with Katie and really benefited, not only in technique, but confidence too – she truly flourished under her guidance.

 I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Katie to anyone, not only because she has a wealth of drama experience, it’s the way she guides your child staying honest and supportive in their abilities. Katie is full of enthusiasm and enjoys working with people helping them develop on numerous levels. If you are looking for your child to break through into the world of acting or simply wanting them to communicate better, then Katie would be an excellent choice.

I believe that it’s not just a teacher’s knowledge that makes them stand out, it’s how they deliver their subject and communicate with their students – Katie is a fantastic example of delivering both at the highest level.”

Katie Lee, Homeopath, mother of Annabel Lee

“Katie was one of Annabel’s main drama mentors during her time at Hurtwood House. Katie inspired,believed and trusted that Annabel had the potential to get into a first class drama school and with much hard work and dedication Annabel is now at Drama Centre London. Thank you Katie for your telephone, email and texting support after school hours during holidays and weekends. Katie guides her students with her heart, her passion for drama is second to none.”

Jonathan StaffordFilm Producer & father of Georgina

“I’ve known Katie for twelve years and have seen her in numerous productions in leading roles – I believe her to be a gifted actress.  However, it was when I asked her to coach my daughter on a one to one basis, I realised where her talent really lies. Katie not only took Georgina to a level of performance way beyond her expectations but also instilled in her the confidence and disciplines needed by any young person with any notion of entering the entertainment profession.”
 Danica Pickett, Agent at Williamson & Holmes

“In the past 8 years I have worked with Katie on numerous occasions and wouldn’t hesitate to send a client to her for coaching. She is professional, up to date and always looks to bring out the best of each individual. She has suggested some great actors to me for representation and our clients have gone on to work on various shows including Doctor Who, Misfits, RSC, The National Theatre.”


The Students:

Vanessa Kirby
, professional actor, credits: Genius, Me Before You, Everest, Jupiter Ascending, About Time (film), The Crown, The Dresser, The Frankenstein Chronicles,Labyrinth, The Hour, Great Expectations (TV), Streetcar Named Desire (Theatre). Vanessa won the ‘Biza Rising Star Award’ at the 2009 Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards. Named as one of Screen International Stars of Tomorrow 2011. Nominated for Outstanding Newcomer Award at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2011. She has been nominated at the Ian Charleson Awards for three consecutive years in 2010, 2011 and 2012 – for every classical role she has played. Spotlight Link.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 09.00.50“I met Katie when I was 15. I had zero knowledge about the business – and knew even less about drama schools, agents or any route into it professionally.  Katie changed all that.  She paved the way into the business – she got me into NYT, she started an all important campaign of several attempts at drama school – and more than anything opened my eyes to what sort of actress I could hope to be. 

Katie is very nurturing. Nothing is pushed or hurried. She builds your confidence until you have enough self belief to set yourself the challenges you want – whether it be the grueling rounds of drama school auditions, nerves at your first NYT audition, or just the daunting prospect of professional auditions.  I still rely on Katie in times of panic or stage fright – even before I open a play at the National! 

She’s given me greater self belief – which meant that when I went into that NYT audition or those drama school recalls I felt I had a right to be there and wasn’t a fraud. When I was 15 she showed me that it wasn’t impossible. Now I’m lucky enough to be in the position I am today – and this is only because she showed me there were those possibilities and opportunities. 

Katie is extremely caring. She actually cares. She wants you to succeed. It is genuine and it is long-standing. She doesn’t disappear – I’m pretty sure she has answered panicked phone calls at 3am from me throughout the nine years she has known and taught me. She is a brilliant teacher, a wonderful person and a fantastic mentor for anyone struggling with any obstacles to do with acting: fear, worry, ambition, self belief and beyond. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Joseph Wakelin, NYT Repertory Company 2016.

IMG_7164“When I was put in touch with Katie I didn’t expect such a quick response. Then when I met with Katie I didn’t expect such a quick leap into the work; more importantly into the way I work. She has a skill that is rare in teachers which is to understand quickly how your mind works as an actor and then to be able to recognise things that are a trigger for you. My monologues improved tenfold and having done the work with Katie my confidence in the auditions were high.  Even when not in a tutoring class she’s always a text away about a suggestion, wanting to be the first to know after the audition and there to celebrate. A lovely, hard-working woman who works brilliantly with young talent. Katie, a thank you isn’t enough.”


Lucy Elizabeth Anderson, 1st Year BA (Hons) Musical Theatre, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.  (starting September 2016) https://dramaschoolsite.wordpress.com

Heath3“I started having 1:1 acting tutorials with Katie when I began the process of auditioning for Acting and Musical Theatre BA courses in January 2016.  I was nervous about our first session together; I had never met Katie beforehand and did not know her ways of teaching.  All those nerves were quickly dismissed.
Her posi
tive energy and nurturing manner put me at ease instantly as I knew that, already in the first meet, she had my best interest at heart.  I left that first session with three new monologues to take a look at. Being someone who struggled to find audition pieces, this was a god send, however she was also extremely enthusiastic about working on material I had already found.  Her knowledge of both contemporary and Shakespeare material is outstanding and she is always there to answer any questions you may have about auditions or about the business.  Katie is very active within her lessons; always up on her feet, giving you something to play off, encouraging you to discover something new about your character(s) and to find the truth within your work.  This year was my third year auditioning for drama schools, as unfortunately, the previous two years did not work out for me, this year, however, I have been offered places at both Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and Central School of Speech and Drama.  I really do believe that Katie has had a huge influence on my success at auditions this year and she has really helped me discover who I am as an actor. I’ve only been working with her for 5 months now, but she has taught me things I can take away for life, not just for in the audition room.  I have improved so much since working with her and I honestly can’t rate Katie high enough for the work she does.

So to sum up… you’ll love her. #TheHeath” 

Megan Swaisland, recent graduate of the foundation Musical Theatre course at GSA

image2Katie Heath is an outstanding teacher.  I first approached her for coaching for my preparations for drama school auditions as her great reputation preceded her and she came highly recommended.  Katie responded to my initial email almost immediately; she was extremely helpful and accommodating for my particular needs and requirements. Katie not only cares immensely about all of her students on a professional level, she also tailors her teaching to suit each and every student on a personal level.  Her knowledge of the industry is flawless and hugely current; she is constantly sharing opportunities for her students via social media.  I have always felt wholly supported and comfortable with her. Her teaching is focused yet humorous and unrestrained.  She is incredibly friendly, honest and understanding – especially when her students require individual support.  She inspires, guides and motivates: a tireless and dedicated professional. Under her guidance and teaching, she fostered my love of Shakespeare and facilitated me learning to integrate elements of performances I had seen into my own practice and performances.  Katie broke down my personal barriers and enabled me to understand how personal experiences can support the character’s emotional development and allowed me to empathise with the characters that I was portraying.  She specialises in correlating characters with her students and fully supports an individual’s style and technique, whilst also gently steering and coaching in an amiable and captivating fashion. 

I cannot recommend Katie highly enough, she is a truly inspiring and uplifting human being and I am incredibly privileged to be her student.


Caroline O’Mahoney, 1st Year BA (Hons) Acting, The Oxford School of Drama (starting September 2016)

Caroline O'Mahoney_0147_col“Working with Katie for the past two years has been an absolute joy and has resulted in my progression with my confidence and as an actor. This is due to the trust she creates and the ability to contact her whenever you’re in need of advice.
She has constantly encouraged me to question everything and take opportunities that I may have previously overlooked. It is incredibly clear to me that she cares about her students as can be seen through her actively sharing information on her social media platforms for them to take and use for themselves.
The knowledge Katie holds of techniques, plays, playwrights and generally the industry itself is awe-inspiring which, when paired with her charismatic personality, creates sessions which are always fun and leave you feeling motivated. I have a lot to thank Katie for but know that this genuine care will be ongoing and I, like the rest of her students, will see her regularly in the future.”

 Warren Sauterille
“I FullSizeRenderfirst met Katie at the Guilford School of Acting summer school and instantly felt connected to her; she was very friendly, caring, hilarious and trustworthy.  I felt very comfortable around her presence.  After the course, I messaged Katie asking if she would help me for my first year of auditions; she responded immediately and I was delighted when she said that she would love to work with me.  I can honestly say that I have grown so much in confidence with the help of Katie; she has taught me to trust my instincts and who I am as a person and being truthful.  She has incredibly good links with the industry, always makes you aware of the opportunities available, is there to answer any questions that you may have and I am always guaranteed to leave her lessons having learnt something.  I am so grateful of everything that Katie has taught me about auditioning this year.
Chloe Twigg 
chloe Headshot

“I first met Katie at a summer school where she conducted numerous workshops based on audition technique. I remember instantaneously connecting with her positive and nurturing manner, and so I took no time in messaging her inquiring about tutorials in preparation for my upcoming drama school auditions. She replied promptly, expressing great interest in learning more about me, both as person and performer. This attentiveness instantly put me at ease; secure in the fact that she had my best interest at heart. Over the past year Katie has provided me with countless options for audition material; something which proved extremely helpful for myself, who previously had minimal knowledge of where to find decent monologues to showcase me to the best of my ability. Her positive, can-do attitude has urged me to truly find myself as a performer, pushing boundaries and growing unrecognizably in confidence. She is an incredible teacher; with masses of industry experience, a contagious energy and a rare commitment and care for her students that goes beyond the class.

I truly cannot wait to continue working with her this year. Thank you for everything Katie! “


Chanel Waddock, recent graduate of the foundation acting course at GSA.


10714403_10204465225244126_5550058080744612622_o“Any  aspiring actor needs a Katie Heath. I have worked with Katie for the past two years and I have no intention of stopping! She emphasises the force for change in your work, to find new possibilities in the ever evolving world of character and circumstance; it is ace!
She pushes me in directions where I am allowed to say the 
un-sayable and think the unthinkable, making the work come truly alive. 
Her honesty matched with the trust she builds is undeniably something all actors seek in any tutor. I never feel like the work is finished, she always allows you to see there is more and I believe that this is an essential when working as an actor. 
Katie always goes that little bit extra as a mentor; to be able to give her a call or drop her a text. When working with her you work with someone who cares about your work, but also someone who cares for YOU!
Katie reminds me what it is to be human, therefore, reminding me what it is be an actor, and the best actor I can be. 
Thank you!!! “
Gigi Rice, graduate of the RADA foundation course.

Spotlight BW 090_Gigi Rice .jpg“Katie initially taught me private drama lessons as an extra curricular activity, however when I went into my last year at school I realised I would really love Katie’s help for drama school auditions.  The work Katie and I have done together has been preparing me for those auditions each year for three years now.  We explore the speeches in as many ways as possible including: connecting to the subject matter, connecting to what my body is doing and using the language, grammar and background of the piece.  Working with Katie has benefited me beyond belief.  She has such a warm presence that I always feel completely safe in our lessons, therefore allowing me to be bold and/or bad without ever feeling I am being judged.  As comfortable as I am with Katie, this does not mean that she doesn’t push and get the best work possible out of me – she certainly does! But the space she creates for you to work in is a beautiful and rare blend of “no-fuss let’s get to work” and “I believe fully in you”.

Sometimes she’s also quite funny now and again…”

Phillipine Velge, NYT, 1st Year BA (Hons) Acting, RADA

philippines headshot

“When I first met Katie, half way through my first year of drama school auditions I realised I had found someone who truly cared about helping me achieve my goals. After having been unsuccessful that year I re-applied and Katie was the first person I called.

She is an amazing teacher because she has an innate ability of knowing how and when to push and challenge her students and also when to be there for them to boost their confidence.  She challenged me in my work and was always there for me if I ever had a moment of complete self-doubt. She’s always been just a phone call away and completely willing to talk about anything. She never made me conform to a “one size fits all” coaching because she always wants to bring out the best in all of her students unique qualities. She constantly inspired me to expect more from myself and my work. She is an amazing person to be taught by because her passion, love and intelligence towards acting and the industry never fails to excite you and spur you on to do more. Thank you for everything you’ve done Katie! I miss you!!”


Dominic Grove, professional actor, graduate of the NYT Repertory Company.


“When I needed Katie’s immediate guidance, she was there to help.
Warm, welcoming and with such erudite knowledge my blocks were pinpointed and eased within the first five minutes of lesson one.
A year on I still use what she taught me. The specific acting tuition was incredible, and her sage-like wisdom i’ll treasure. Katie helped me tremendously and I’ll cherish her words. I cannot recommend her enough as a tutor. Unparalleled.”


Jenny Walser, 3rd Year Durham University, NYT.

image“I needed a new monologue for my NYT Casting audition and I had no idea who to ask for hep, so I asked Google. Well, Google sent me to Katie and I couldn’t be more grateful! Working with Katie has been an absolute pleasure and I reckon by now I must have recommended her to just about every young actor I know. She goes above and beyond to help her students and her passion for what she does is incredible. Even after just a couple of sessions I felt she really understood me both as an actor and a person and the working environment she created meant that I felt able to try new things I would usually be too scared to. I think that trust is so important in any drama teacher, and that is exactly what is so special about Katie; I trust her direction, I trust her advice and perhaps most importantly I trust her to have my best interests at heart.”     


Katie Buchholz, 2nd year BA(Hons) Acting, RADA

“I am forever grateful to Katie for being my teacher these last two years! There is no way I would have achieved a place without her help! She allowed me to look at Shakespeare with a completely new approach, understanding and loving the text and giving me the ability to make it completely personal, when before I would steer well away from the classics. There are also few teachers that take such a personal interest in their students, and it was so encouraging to have her full support throughout the whole audition process. Despite the rigour and efforts of the long audition process, I looked forward to every lesson that we had, and I will truly miss all our giggles! Thank you so much Katie Heath!”


Alistair Toovey, professional actor, graduate; BA(Hons) Acting, RADA, credits:Tut (Spike TV)

ALISTAIR TOOVEY“Katie and I met at college as I planned to audition for drama schools and she was part of the acting team that support such goals. As well as working on audition speeches in our lessons we also explored the writings of Shakespeare, Pinter, Tennessee Williams and many more which helped broaden my theatrical vocabulary and facility. Lessons with Katie can help you by acting as a bridge of knowledge between drama schools and the professional world, of which both she has success and experience in. Her method of teaching is warm, imaginative and rich with the evident passion she has for her art form. Now in my final year at RADA, where Katie also trained, I value her as an external source of guidance that I can turn to when I am in need of help or some friendly advice.”


Francesca Baker, 21, recent graduate of Drama Centre, London (foundation) NYT 

“Katie 961719has taught me on and off for the last four years. I have stuck with Katie as my acting teacher because not only is she incredibly talented and hard-working, but is also a friend and comforting presence when
you need it most. She is a great director and mentor – able to see things in your speeches which you would not necessarily have noticed before. Katie is brilliant at recognising traits in you as an actor, such as suitably casting and therefore gets the best out of you and makes you shine.

Katie helped me to secure a place at drama school, and even though I decided not to accept the place offered to me, she supported me all the way and still hasn’t given up on me! Katie cares about you as an individual and continues to push you to achieve the best, and be the best you can be!
Katie has supported me through so much. Her personal interest in her students makes her one of the best acting teachers there is. I look forward to every lesson with Katie and will continue to have lessons with her indefinitely!”

Annabel Lee, 20, recent graduate of Drama Centre London (foundation)

“Katie started teaching me when I joined Hurtwood House sixth form to help me with my confidence and self-esteem when performing. I benefited from these lessons so much that I had her again in my second year to help with drama school monologues. Katie doesn’t just treat you like a student, but as a friend also and this is the key to any success when performing because she gets you to channel your emotions into every piece of work you do. With Katie you work with the truth and when I went to my auditions, I felt so deeply connected with my characters that I had no issue with ‘overacting’ because my pieces were my real truth –  for me, this is what performing is all about! Katie is amazing!”

Skye Lourie, professional actor, credits: Pillars of the Earth, Hustle (TV)


“Katie’s technique and direction is what got me my first big job in Ridley Scott’s “Pillars Of The Earth, we did a mixture of scene work and monologues, if it wasn’t for her focused and thorough teaching I would not be where I am at today”


Alexandra Werner, 18, Graduate of Hurtwood House

“As my acting coach at Hurtwood Katie stood out as my favourite part of my week. While I was receiving an excellent theatre education at school, I felt I needed more advanced and personal training. I needed someone who I could count on to encourage me and a teach me those extra skills imperative to each actor hoping to make it in this demanding profession; Katie was that person. She was able to establish an environment with me where I felt free to explore the imagination of writers such as David Mamet, Anya Reiss, Tracy Letts and Shakespeare. Ranging from working on audition techniques to practical readings to the importance of preparing for drama school, I learned so much about how and why lines are written and about how to make them come out as true on stage as they read on paper. Whilst Katie has an infamous range of knowledge when it comes to literature, she allows for a space to just play and have fun with a story. We worked in a classroom space and were often up on our feet, immediately exploring characters through freedom of movement and speech.  This freedom allowed me to let go of all my insecurities and inhibitions and to just be, helping me grow tremendously as an actor. One of her best character traits is that she cares; she is truly interested in nurturing and shaping you to be the best actor you can be. Katie wants you to do well and she has the intellect and skills to push you to achieve more. While she encourages hard work, dedication and discipline, she also taught me to accept the process of rejection, auditioning, and ‘bad days’ which inevitable happen along the way – if you can’t change something, change your attitude, right? I have loved working with Katie from day one and am thrilled by her continuous effort and support as my mentor as well as friend. She is truly a gifted and enthralling actress and I will leave her lessons a more confident, inspired and talented young actress.”


Andrew Irving, 3rd Year, BA(Hons) Acting, Academy of Live & Recorded Arts (ALRA)

M201947“Katie helped prepare me not only for audition pieces but also what to expect in the drama school application process. We prepared for my auditions in detail and worked my pieces up to a new level.  She also guided me with my with my A-Level drama and in each lesson Katie invested her time in the different topics that I needed help with. Katie was a massive help getting into drama school and I am grateful to her for helping me reach my dream. Katie was able to help me so much because she was one of the teachers with whom I felt comfortable asking for help and time if I had any problems. I felt that Katie was genuinely interested in how I was doing and became not only a teacher but a friend who I will keep in contact with in the future.”

Sophie Blewitt, 19, full-time employment

“I was auditioning for a drama school and I needed a teacher to help me, Katie was recommended to me so I got in contact and went to meet her. The minute I met Katie I felt completely comfortable and could be myself. I had no idea what monologue to do but Katie soon helped me solve that problem. She found a piece that I fell in love with and was more than happy to perform. I have become much more confident after just a few lessons with Katie and I feel as an actor I have improved greatly. Katie is a fantastic teacher, she is friendly, happy, hilarious and she is there to listen and help you through anything, I strongly recommend her and I will be back for more lessons!”


Sami Hindmarsh, BA(Hons) Acting, Guilford School of Acting, www.thelondonshowcase.wix.uk/officialsite

“Katie taught me for a year when preparing for drama school auditions. We worked predominantly on presentation of speeches and adaptability in the audition room along with sight-reading and taking direction. With Katie’s help and support I was offered a place at my top choice and when I started the conservatoire, I felt sufficiently prepared for the drilling and motivated atmosphere of drama school. Katie is truly a thrilling teacher who made a connection with me on a personal and professional level. Her expertise and knowledge has helped my beyond belief and her love and support have always been just a phone call away.”

Abbi Douetil, 21, Two Year Rep Graduate Fourth Monkey, Foundation Year LAMDA 


“The main reason I signed up for private acting lessons was because I was applying to drama school and needed plenty of audition preparation. In our first year together we experimented with lots of different types of monologues and plenty of sight-reading. In our second year together we spent a lot of time choosing the right speech for me and then working on it so it was ready for my drama school auditions.  The private acting lessons with Katie – the one hour  I had each week where we worked hard together – benefited me so much that I don’t think I would have made it to drama school without them. Saying this, I don’t think it would have been the same if we hadn’t gotten on so well.  Katie felt far more like a friend who I got on with very well. She isn’t afraid to give her opinions but this is exactly what I needed. Katie also went out of her way to help me during my audition season while I was on my LAMDA foundation, going back and seeing her made me realise how much she had taught me. As a private acting teacher all round she is exactly what you want, hilarious, hardworking and she genuinely cares how well you do. “

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