Old Vic New Voices

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The Old Vic Theatre, London, is an important port of call for young talent interested in drama and theatre.  The Old Vic is one of the world’s best known theatres – a brand and a building that carries a history and reputation that continues to nurture and grow under the artistic directorship of Kevin Spacey.

“As important to us as what goes on stage is Old Vic New Voices (OVNV) which nurtures talent, inspires young people and opens up our theatre. We develop the next generation of theatre practitioners, many of whom go on to get major commissions, directing posts, senior management positions and become household names. We also offer access and insights into theatre making for all ages and experiences, and create ambitious, innovative productions.”

Check out the website, follow them on Twitter @oldvicnewvoices and read about all the initiatives and events they organise.  The 24 Hour Plays is a must-see and must-get-involved!

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