What I Do

Private Acting Tutor

As both an actor and teacher I recognise that to pursue a career in the performance industries tuition is best when it meets the unique needs of individual students.  There is no one method that fits all.  Individuality is what makes young talent stand out, engage us and inspire us.  I provide bespoke guidance for this talent to best build their skills, knowledge, work ethic and self-confidence in a way to suit them.  I want to prepare them for continuing the study of performance at further and higher education levels or help start a working career in acting from a young age.  Entrance to both UK and US drama schools is highly competitive and requires careful coaching to give a candidate the best opportunity to succeed, a full-time service I provide.  I know not everyone is sure about pursuing acting beyond school and so I also provide measured advice about how to include a passion for drama in further studies and how the practice and techniques required by actors can enhance confidence, self-expression, and communication skills and become transferrable to all university applications and employment paths.  The reason I am an acting tutor is because I genuinely care and it is important to me that young talent find their own brilliant voice, stand tall and go out to fulfil their potential.

I’m here to help with:

  • Confidence, self-expression and communication skills
  • UK & US drama school applications and auditions
  • National Youth Theatre auditions
  • AS & A-Level Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts
  • Careers advice on acting courses, higher education study and starting out in the profession with guidance on agents, castings, and professional etiquette
  • Personal Statements
  • Assistance with sight-reading, monologues and audition scripts 
  • Specialist interest in Shakespeare
  • Specialist interest in voice: training in diction, pronunciation, and projection
  • Provide useful information to everyone on books to read, sites to check out, plays to see and places to study and performclick here

If you are budding young actor, a student needing help with drama studies or a parent with a child interested in performance you can email me direct at katherineheath@me.com or fill in the form below.

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